Warehousing services

Our global reach and vast network mean that we have facilities in place to manage your supply chain at the point of origin or where you want to go. When you combine shipping, distribution, and warehouses to provide an end-to-end seamless solution using the least number of logistic services suppliers. It is simpler, and you can gain the ability to control speed, efficiency, and transparency.


You can combine goods and materials exported before export in a warehouse linked to your sourcing areas. 

Making it easier to manage your container and landside load. Our portfolio includes bonded and not bonded warehouses, facilities within free trade zones. And other facilities near ports that allow for an easy transfer to ships.

Fulfilment Centers

If you have to pack, pick and deliver orders within a short distance of the market, a fulfillment center is the best option. They handle receiving as well as storage, pick & pack, and fulfillment of orders and are backed by world-class Inventory Management Systems.

The infrastructure spans from local to national distribution centers. We provide various added-value services such as labeling, packaging, as well as quality inspections to enhance the services. All of these arrange according to your order fulfillment requirements. 

Technology and Automation

Our warehouse solutions support automation, technology, and robotics investment. We are continually growing our inventory that includes AGVs, automated sorters. And hybrid systems, each of which provides higher picking efficiency.

Deconsolidation centres

When your cargo is at the market where it is intended to go, ensure that your products move through the supply chain without missing any beat.  Most of the facilities are located near key ports of the ocean for major shipping routes, allowing faster processing and delivery of cargo. 

  • We offer various deconsolidation services depending on where your cargo needs to go.  Straight transfer load or building consignments directly to distribution centers or destinations.
  • Our facilities also provide pit stop solutions for late localization. With an array of added-value services, all of which are supported by the industry’s leading Warehouse Management Systems.
  • Suppose the ability to limit go-to-market effort is important. In that case, our services could give you a benefit in the marketplace (e.g., quality controls as well as re-packaging, returns management, or the disposal of products).