Having the right equipment is a critical component of a successful business.

We have put this policy together to help ensure Service Partners and their agents are set up to effectively service one, or more, of the great client programs in our roster.
To use the Fastrak Technology Platform, the system and equipment requirements on the following pages must be met. It is important to remember these are the minimum requirements needed to use the Fastrak Technology Platform only.
Certain client programs may have additional requirements above and beyond the ones listed in this policy. All agents should review the Opportunity Announcement for the client program they are interested in servicing – in addition to this policy – prior to enrolling in a certification course.

PC Requirements

  • A desktop/tower computer with a separate monitor is recommended.
  • Dual boot machines, Netbooks, and Tablets are prohibited from use.
  • All-in-One computers are not currently compatible with any client programs.
  • Depending on what client program an agent chooses to service, the use of the Fastrak Technology Secure Desktop (FSD) may be required. Additional details on the FSD can be found on page 8 of this guide.

Mac Requirements

  • Macs must have an Ethernet port.
  • MacBook Air and Mac USB-C ports will not be supported.
  • Boot Camp and a licensed version of Windows (please see page 4 for acceptable Windows operating systems) MUST be installed. Please note that Fastrak Technology Technical Support WILL NOT be able to provide assistance with the installation of Boot Camp and/or Windows or any questions related to it.

Accessories, Software and Internet/Phone Service Providers

USB headset with microphone (required for Certification)

Logitech, Plantronics, Microsoft, or similar brands recommended.


  • Plantronics (Model 79730-01).
  • Logitech USB H570e.
  • Jabra UC VOICE 150

Hard-wired Telephone and headset (required for Production/Servicing)


  • AGPtek Call Center Dialpad.
  • Plantronics S12


Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8 or 10
(Optional) Mozilla Firefox or Chrome for Windows

Certain client programs may require specific versions of Windows. Windows 8/8.1 are not supported by some clients.

Please see the Client Opportunity Announcement for details.
*Chrome is not compatible while registering to use the Fastrak Technology Platform.

Windows Defender for Windows 8 or 10

Other security software may be incompatible and should be avoided. Technical support may be refused if your software configuration is not compatible with the Fastrak Technology Platform or is determined to cause incompatibilities with client required servicing software.

Service Partners and their agents are responsible for maintaining the security and reliability of their equipment. The following items are considered security risks to the Fastrak Technology Platform and, upon detection, may subject your business to the suspension or termination of its MSA or SOW:

  • Malware infected software
  • Virtualized Operating Systems (i.e.: VMWare, Parallels, etc.)
  • Non-Fastrak Technology provided VPN software or Proxy settings
  • TOR or other privacy software

Accessories, Software and Internet/Phone Service Providers (continued)


Hard-Wired Broadband Internet service via DSL, Cable, or Fiber Optic connection

The use of wireless internet connections to access any Fastrak Technology system at any time is prohibited, even if the connection is encrypted.

Connectivity to the Fastrak Technology Platform through an unauthorized Proxy Service or unauthorized VPN Service is strictly prohibited.

Additionally, Satellite, Microwave, and Cellular Hotspot Internet Services are not permitted.
USB connected modems are not supported.

Hard-Wired Land Line Telephone Service

Unless stated otherwise in the Opportunity Announcement, most client programs are compatible with the following types of services: POTS (plain old telephone service), cable telephony, digital service, or VoIP through a physical hard phone, i.e. a tangible device that sits on your desktop.
The service should be connected directly from the wall to your telephone.

Softphones (an application that is installed on your computer) and cell phones are not permitted.
The servicing telephone line should not interface at any point with the computer.
All servicing telephone lines should not have voicemail, fax, or other features on the line (other than unlimited long distance, if necessary – please see page 9 for details).

FSD (Fastrak Technology Secure Desktop)

The Fastrak Technology Secure Desktop (FSD) is a tool designed to temporarily convert a PC into a “servicing station” for the client program a business will be servicing. The FSD provides a secure and streamlined environment which is optimized to successfully access the Fastrak Technology Platform to service a client program

Not all client programs require the use of an FSD so it is recommended that an agent review the Opportunity Announcement in detail to see if an FSD will be needed.

  • If the client program selected uses the FSD, all the information required for its use is contained within a USB flash drive and instructions that will be provided to the enrolled  agent.
  • Upon enrollment in a certification course for a client program, make sure to keep an eye out for an email with instructions on how to install the FSD

The FSD is an additional operating system on a computer. It does not interact with an existing windows operating system. It is launched from a USB flash drive and does not install on a computer. Once the FSD is removed, no trace of it is left on the PC.

FVG (Fastrak Technology Virtual Gateway)

FVG, the Fastrak Technology Virtual Gateway, is a system that helps improve consistency and efficiency while centrally and seamlessly managing call routing.

Service Partners and agents have the option to use either a POTS line (plain old telephone service) or VoIP (aka digital telephone or cable telephony – please see page 7 for details) to service a client program. However, call centers and agents servicing client programs that route calls through the FVG system will need to be able to dial into the FVG (786) number.

  • Service Partners and agents who do not have Miami area code phone numbers (305 or 786) will need to be able to dial long distance on their service lines which may result in long distance charges. For that reason, bulk or unlimited long-distance service plans are recommended and available from most carriers to avoid per-minute charges.
  • A small number of client programs currently prohibit the use of VoIP while servicing and a POTS line will be required to service those programs. If the client program does not currently allow VoIP, agents will not be servicing on FVG.

Please be sure to review the Opportunity Announcement in detail to see if FVG is required on the client program you select

PC Scan – Passed/Failed…What does it mean?

What is a PC Scan?

This check determines if your computer meets the unique technical requirements that you must meet in order to use client-required software to service the opportunity you are enrolling in.

IMPORTANT: This check can be performed with only a computer running Microsoft Windows and either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome browser.
What do you need to do before running the PC Scan?

  • Close all other applications and start from a fresh system reboot.
  • Clear cache/cookies.
  • Try a different browser.
  • Reboot modem/router.
  • Ensure hard wired and network is not in use by other devices for best results.
  • PC Scan does not run on a Mac.

How do you run the PC Scan?

  • Step by step directions.

What does it mean if you failed one or more of the specifications and what do you need to do to correct the failing result(s)?

  • CPU – The PC’s processor is not compatible and cannot be used to contract with Fastrak Technology. You will need a computer with a supported processor (CPU), see page 4.
  • Internet Download Speed – As speeds can fluctuate at times, please try to reboot your modem/router and test again. (If you are not getting the minimum required upload/download speeds, you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider to upgrade.)
  • Internet Upload Speed – As speeds can fluctuate at times, please try to reboot your modem/router and test again. (If you are not getting the minimum required upload/download speeds, you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider to upgrade.)
  • Network Latency Max – Ensure you are on a hard-wired connection via Ethernet and not WiFi. Reboot the modem/router and try again. (Contact your Internet Service Provider for further assistance with latency.)
  • OS – Your operating system (OS) is not compatible with the Fastrak Technology Platform. You will need  to update your computer with a supported OS, please see page 4 for supported operating systems.
  • RAM – The RAM on your computer is not supported. The PC’s RAM can be upgraded. (Additional RAM added to the system) without any issue. You may need to contact a local technician for upgrading your RAM. (You will need a computer with additional RAM or reach out to a local computer technician
    for assistance with upgrading the RAM on your current PC.)