Key features of Skype for Business

• Instant messaging means an instant answer. It’s a much faster interaction than email. You can see who’s available and get the answers you need right away.
• The busier you are, the more Skype for Business helps. Skype for Business gives you an additional channel to communicate that doesn’t get in the way of phone and email. The more you have to do, the more useful/productive you are with Skype for Business. And Skype for Business integrates seamlessly with other communication channels.
• Easily share files—and even your desktop, voice and video. Both versions of Skype for Business let you share files. But if you choose Skype for Business Enterprise, you can also share your desktop so someone can see what you’re working on. In addition, you can extend the conversation to groups, add in voice, and even perform video conferencing.

  • Available from anywhere with any mobile devices. Skype for Business is available on all devices including iOS and Android. So you can stay connected regardless of location.
  • Skype for Business avoids creating another privacy or intrusion risk. Consumer-grade instant messaging systems can open your business up to hackers and intrusions. Skype for Business provides enterprise-grade security that keeps your company safe.
  • Fastrak Technology has business-grade dependability and reliability. When you get Skype for Business from Fastrak Technology, you get our 5 9’s uptime SLA. So you can be confident that Skype for Business is always working and reliable.