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Yealink T53W, a Linux-based entry-level IP telephone with a 3.7-inch graphical display and fully adjustable volume, is available. The T53 has 8 line keys, 12 SIP accounts, and integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features.




Yealink T5 Series telephones are a range of high-tech phones with advanced features such as next-generation HD Voice and ergonomically-adjustable displays. The T53W, T53WW, T54W, and T57W are all part of the series.

These phones offer advanced collaboration features for business users and improve productivity with functions that make work easier—sizeable backlit display with high-resolution LED indicators for navigation and viewing.

The Yealink T53W with fully adjustable screen allows users to adjust the display to suit their needs from various angles. It is beneficial when you are on a video call, and the lighting conditions change. The T5 Series is suitable for content sharing. All models except the T53 have built-in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Use multiple microphones

Yealink’s Acoustic Shield technology is featured in the T5 series for clear, distraction-free vocal clarity. Multiple microphones create a virtual shield that separates the speaker from the person on the other end. It blocks or mutes sounds outside of the protection so that the other side can hear the speaker. The T5 series’ noise-blocking technology makes it great for noisy workplaces.

The DD10K DECT dongle can pair the T5 series IP phones with Yealink DECT handsets. You can pair up 4 cordless handsets with your desk phone, creating a wireless solution that allows seamless call switching between cordless DECT handsets and desktop phones.

Yealink T53W Features and Specifications

  • An excellent entry-level phone that is well-suited for shared workspaces
  • Display with graphical display of 360×160 pixels, fully adjustable
  • HD Voice using Yealink T53 Acoustic Shield technology
  • 8 line keys, 12 SIP account, 21 memory keys
  • Built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet
  • 1xUSB port to record calls and use wireless USB headsets
  • Optional: Power adapter not included


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