Best Polycom OBi300 Fax Adapter



The Polycom OBi300 extends the scope of your services by increasing the communications capabilities of home offices by allowing versatility in fax and voice applications as they shift to a digital world of communications.

Home offices can increase the value of their investment in their old-fashioned phone or fax machine and benefit from the latest capabilities of four or more VoIP services. This device is specifically designed to ensure that your client can hear all-important words or make and receive reliable facsimile calls via the Internet.



Give your customers brand new possibilities with WiFi and Bluetooth

Polycom OBi300 is not restricted to any unsuitable Ethernet port. It can be placed anywhere within a 2.4 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz, 802.11ac wireless access point when connected to its Polycom USB Wireless adapter. It can be similar to the USB Bluetooth adapter that pairs a user’s mobile phone with a Bluetooth audio headset to answer and place calls through their mobile through analogue telephones.

Polycom Obi300 characteristics

  • 1-Port FXS to connect one analogue device
  • Help for the 4 SIP accounts
  • Will allow faxing with T.38
  • USB port that can use with USB devices and OBiWiFi5GThis allows the OBi302 to work wirelessly!
  • Provisioning using HTTPS, HTTPS or TFTP
  • Zero Touch Configuration through HTTPS redirects to SP Provisioning Server
  • Visual Message Waiting Indication and Tone-based
  • Fast Dialing for 99 Obi Endpoints or numbers
  • Three-Party Conference Calling using Local Mixing
  • Signaling Hook Flash Events
  • Caller ID – Number
  • Caller ID – Name
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Recording (From the Web Interface of the Device)
  • Call History (Last 200 calls from the Device web UI)
  • Automated Attendant (AA) for Simplified Call Routing
  • Call Back Service Connect to AA and make a new call or call the number attached to the phone.


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