Best Polycom IP6000 Conference Phone



This polycom IP6000 conference phone features Polycom HD Voice capability, a 12-foot microphone range and power over Ethernet (PoE) to make business conversations more transparent and productive.


Polycom IP6000 Features

  • The Session Initiation Protocol is (SIP) used to initiate, maintain, and terminating real-time sessions that include voice and video. It’s best used in small conference rooms or executive offices. The polycom IP6000 conference phone does not require a Power over Ethernet connection to be powered.
  • HD Voice delivers high-fidelity audio between 220 Hz and 14 kHz. It captures deeper lows than the human voice to make conference calls sound like they are in person.
  • Clear prompts on the backlit LED display and the classic 12-key keypad makes it simple to initiate and manage conference calls.
  • Compatible with many SIP call platforms, maximizing voice quality and feature availability while simplifying administration and management.


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