Best Polycom IP 5000 Conference Phone



The Polycom IP 5000 phone offers Polycom HD Voice technology and broad SIP interoperability. It also has a modern design that’s great for small rooms, all at an affordable price. The Sound Station IP, 5000 conference telephone with Polycom HD Voice technology, increases productivity and reduces listener fatigue. It transforms ordinary conference calls into rich, interactive conversations. It can capture both the deep lows and the higher frequencies of the human voice, resulting in conference calls that sound just like being there.



Polycom IP 5000 Features:

    • Establishing, maintaining, and terminating real-time sessions that include voice, video, and messaging. It is ideal for small conference rooms and executive offices.
    • This technology reduces listener fatigue and transforms ordinary conference calls into clear, interactive conversations. High-fidelity audio captures the deepest lows and the highest frequencies of the human voice to make conference calls sound as natural as being present.
    • HD Voice provides a high-quality audio signal at up to 7 kHz A conference call that sounds just like being there.
    • Local feature-rich GUI, Time and Date display, Corporate Directory Access, Convenient volume adjustment key, User-configurable directory and call history, Customizable Call Progress Tones, and Wav file support to call progress tones.


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