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Today, professionals do not need to be restricted to only one device for communication. With the Savi 8220, you can seamlessly switch between your mobile, PC and telephone calls at your desk. Apart from the excellent connectivity options, the headset has the most comfortable and comfortable binaural design. Additionally, it provides an up-to-13 hours Talk time. It means that the headset won’t get a charge in the middle of a call. Be confident in your communications throughout the day.



The professional headset

Savi 8220 headphones are specially designed and made for use in high volume. It is perfect for those who spend a prolonged period communicating. The big leather headphones keep you away from distractions and ensure maximum concentration.

Enjoy a truly immersive audio experience due to the high-quality DECT stereo sound mode. Furthermore, integrated ANC technology (active noise cancellation) is a complete solution to the issues created by ambient noise. If this weren’t enough, the headset also comes with an ANC microphone that is a close conversation limit feature. It provides greater privacy in conversations.

Integrated acoustic security

SAVI 8220 headphones are fitted with the Sound guard Digital protector to protect users from acoustic impact (85 DB). This feature ensures optimal wear comfort and protects users against sound. It is ideal for use from between 6 and 8 hours. In addition, the Sound guard DIGITAL technology conforms to the European directive on noise pollution at work.


Advanced DECT base

With Triple Connection, Savi 8220 wireless base lets you quickly change from a call at your desk telephone to a call made on the mobile device (Bluetooth) or even a call using a softphone connected to your personal computer (USB). There is only one device for all of your calls. With the DECT technology used on the wireless base, you are given the ability to walk as far as 180 meters away from where you work.

Functions of a conference

With the Savi 8220 headphones, connecting up to four different headphones on the same headphone base is possible. This feature lets you listen to the training of your employees repeatedly or make multiple conference calls. Additionally, it can combine up to two media in conference mode. You can connect with your contacts via an internet-connected PC or a mobile phone and smartphone simultaneously!

Maximum comfort

To allow for easy and comfortable wear of the helmet throughout the day to ensure comfortable wear, the Savi 8220 headphones have large leather pads and a faux leather headband. Your helmet will accompany you in all lightness and lightness in the day: the helmet weighs only 160g.

Savi 8220 characteristics

  • Wireless headset to connect to. desktop, PC / Mac, mobile, tablets
  • Triple connections: RJ, USB and Bluetooth
  • Microphone with high-quality noise cancellation
  • Duo (stereo) headset that has Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
  • Sound Guard DIGITAL technology
  • Comfortable design, ideal for prolonged use
  • Range of up as 180m (line in sight) and 55m (office space)

Talk time up to 13 hours


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