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Created specifically for Skype business users, the Savi 8210 is a wireless headset that offers excellent connectivity. Nowadays, business employees do not have to use just one device to communicate. With the Savi 8200, you can connect effortlessly between your gadgets – desk phones, mobile phones through Bluetooth, and your PC through USB.

In addition to its excellent connectivity, the 8210 comes with a comfy design that keeps you focused when talking. Therefore, Savi 8210 makes an attractive choice for offices with various spaces.



Versatility at its best

Managing your calls across different devices has never been simpler with Triple connections. You can switch audio between your phone and headset by pressing the button. The Savi 8210 lets you connect the three devices to communicate with your colleagues and clients. In addition to training or call resolution, connect up to four Savi 8200 series headsets.

The enviable sound quality

It features a multi-channel design. The Savi 8210 is an excellent alternative for people who want to do multiple tasks. The headset offers the highest quality DECT audio for businesses to ensure excellent communication every moment. Get clear, clear communications and remain attentive to the office environment.

With noise cancellation technology, be heard loud and clear in noisy surroundings. In addition, for workplaces that are more susceptible to background noise, use the close-conversation limiting feature available in to increase the volume of noise cancellation. If that wasn’t enough to be enough, the Savi 8210 comes with Sound Guard technology that ensures your hearing is secure, even if you’re constantly on call.

Constructive conversations



it boasts a headset with an impressive range of 180 meters from your computer. In addition to offering incredible mobility, handling calls will turn into a stroll through the park. You can answer, stop, and silence calls with one-touch controls while setting the volume.


the Savi 8210 comes with helpful audio prompts for voice prompts regarding the muted status and the roaming range limitation. It can talk for up to 13 hours; you need not fret about losing conversations during your working hours.

Make sure your conversations are secure

 With the latest wireless security via DECT, keep details private and preserve the professional appearance of your business. This feature makes sure that conversations remain safe and protected with eight security features which include authentication, verification, and encryption, to mention just a few. If you want to see or buy related products like Savi 8210. you can buy this Poly Savi8220 Wireless Headset . For reviews and specification of this product.


Savi 8210 Features

  • Plantronics Cisco EHS remote answering cable is included.
  • Mono style wireless headset
  • Three connectivity options to connect the Cisco IP telephone, your computer’s USB port as well as the Bluetooth device
  • Wireless range with long-range (590ft lines of view, and 180ft inside the office)
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Digital Signal Processing provides HD real-life sound.
  • Thirteen hours of talk time on battery You’ll enjoy plenty of space in the workplace so that you can keep your conversation flowing using your Savi 8210 headset. 


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