Logitech C920S HD Pro Webcam Full HD 1080p



This Logitech C920S Full HD Pro Webcam with privacy shutter is great to use with most instant messaging and streaming apps like Skype, Google Hangout, or FaceTime. The webcam on your PC delivers sharp images and video streams with stunning clarity to your viewers, whether at the full HD 1080p at 30 frames per second or HD 720p at 30 frames per second (which will work best with your setup).

Video calling devices allow professionals and other users to record rich and fluid content, polished and professional, regardless of whether you like putting together demonstrations or sharing your passions. It comes with a flexible clip mount built-in to ensure you capture your ideal angle.

It’s not just possible to catch a crisp, clear video, but the auto lighting adjustment included in this webcam for streaming ensures that you’re in the most transparent view, even in low lighting. On both sides of the lens, two microphones capture your audio in stereo. It will help make your voice sound natural, transparent, and authentic to the viewers.



Image Quality of Logitech C920S

Logitech C920S specifications are (when they come to the quality of images, at the very least). Logitech C920S webcams come with the highest resolution of 1080p. They are capable of providing less-than-perfect video quality at 720p. The model also features a field of view that is 78°. It’s enough for two people. It could be helpful for regular video calls and collaboration on creating content. There isn’t much to do to use a camera as it has auto-focus capabilities. The C920s can still use for rings and other scenarios where you’ll require a webcam.

Dual Microphones

The Logitech C920S features two stereo microphones, which will be a great choice should you ever find yourself in the situation where you must use the built-in microphone on your webcam. Two microphones on this HD webcam, with one microphone on each lens side, capture natural stereo sound while removing background noise. It’s not bad since it’s not explicitly design for content creators. Can use two stereo microphones at any angle, so you may be able to hear perfectly on a call, regardless of whether you have a second mic. Still, recommend purchasing headphones, but their necessity will depend on the specific usage.


With regards to image quality, design is a crucial aspect. Logitech C920S equip with clips that can easily use, that can be attached to laptop screens or an external display, and any other type of surface you want to use. You can also use it to act as a tripod, giving you additional options to place your webcam. You can also use them with tripods if you’d like to have more flexibility in positioning. The camera comes with a lens constructed of Full HD Glass, which diffuses light to make images more apparent than the typical glass lens can produce.

Privacy shutter

Another benefit of the Logitech C920S is its most impressive feature: its privacy shield. You can put away tapes and post-it-ins with your webcam right now, as the C920s comes with a privacy cover that is attached to the lens. If you’re not ready to shut off your webcam, but wish to ensure your privacy, put the lid off. It also functions as a lens protector for your webcam, making it less prone to scratches as opposed to other webcams constantly exposed to the external world (of your office at home or office, for that matter).

Ease to Use

Logitech C920S is a breeze to use if you have a Windows PC. The model can use as plug-and-play for Windows 7, 8, 10, and later devices. The webcam is also compatible with other operating systems, such as macOS (v. 10.10 or higher), Chrome OS, and Android (v. 5.0 or later); however, they need to be running in USB Video Device Class (UVC) mode. The C920s come with the benefit of a more extended assurance (2 years), and so choosing this model will give you a longer duration of Logitech support.

Final Thought

Logitech C920S is ideal for use in general. Its 1080p camera, as well as built-in support for a variety of video-calling platforms, make it suitable for anyone, from people who work or study from home to people who want to connect with family and friends using a high-definition webcam. Its privacy protection is a great addition, making security even more secure and more comfortable.


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