Physical & Network Security

Top-tier super-secure datacenters

Fastrak Technology’s Voice Cloud is hosted in geographically dispersed, highly secure and monitored datacenters by top tier certified providers.

Each of Fastrak Technology’s world-class datacenters adheres to strict standards in physical security. Each datacenter is closely monitored and guarded 24/7/365 with sophisticated pan/tilt closed-circuit TVs. Secure access is strictly enforced using the latest technology, including electronic man-trap devices between lobby and datacenter, motion sensors and controlled ID key-cards. Security guards are stationed at the entrance to each site.

Other network security highlights:

  • Commercial-grade edge routers are configured to resist IP-based network attacks
  • Fastrak Technology subscribes to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection through a leading provider of network security
  • Production network is physically and logically separated with highly restricted access and multiple authentication levels
  • Operational functions include: monitoring, system hardening, and vulnerability scans

The Fastrak Technology Network is Protected From Intrusion.

Fastrak Technology uses multiple redundant, enterprise-class firewall systems to help prevent unwarranted intrusions and to help ensure only authorized users access your cloud environment. This purpose-built security system integrates firewall, VPN and traffic management.

We also run multiple Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS) (both host and network) to help detect and deter malicious network traffic and computer usage that often cannot be caught by a conventional firewall. The system monitors for unusual traffic patterns and alerts system administrators of any suspicious behavior.

IPS can also help prevent network attacks against vulnerable services; data driven attacks on applications; host-based attacks such as privilege escalation; unauthorized logins and access to sensitive files; and malware (e.g. viruses, Trojan horses, and worms).