Insurance Services

Fastrak Technology Insurance Services Group collaborates with our investment teams to determine areas of risk or potential exposure that our clients might confront and provides solutions to limit the risk. Our goal is to offer an integrated approach to risk detection and management while recognizing that insurance is the most efficient (but not always the sole) approach to addressing these.

Fastrak Technology team consists of Risk Management and Insurance Specialists with more than 100 years of worldwide experience in risk and insurance.


It is the Insurance Services Group that can assist

Particularly Insurance Services Group can assist with

  • Risk assessment and guidance on mitigation assessment, transfer, and treatment
  • Involvement in the risk management philosophy or strategies to identify risk exposures that can manage in-house and those that should pass on to other parties, like insurers.
  • Sharing of best practices in risk management for industries and regions
  • Suggestions on how to cut costs
  • Sharing of data from the industry and regional levels on pricing for insurance as well as terms and conditions
  • Participation in the selection process of advisors and brokers from the outside
  • “Assistance” with insurance companies
  • Training

what we do

We provide a source to assist companies in assessing the risk and risks they face and then develop the most appropriate, cost-effective methods to reduce, treat or transfer risk (including the use of insurance), which contributes to the company’s long-term sustainability.

We offer prompt, proactive involvement with project managers and companies to help clients benefit from the Group’s knowledge and expertise in identifying and treating risk at the corporate and project level.