We Offer Professional Installation & Support

Having a non-certified individual install & program equipment that requires a licenced and certified technician is a clear compromise of your safety as well as the safety of your family and property. To ensure you receive the peace of mind and security you’re paying for, request a free installation by a licenced, bonded, insured and certified technician.

Authorized Security Expert

Professional Consultation.
We will provide you with an authorized security expert who is trained in identifying any vulnerabilities in your home. Our expert will then offer you a package that best suits your home, as well as make adjustments for your needs!

Licensed Central Station Monitoring

24/7 Emergency Response.
We offer 24/7 monitoring that takes the burden off your shoulders. If you are busy and something happens, we can immediately contact you, the paramedics, the fire department, and the police. Instant communication between your system and your monitoring department can be the difference between saving or losing your home as shown in Benjamin’s case.

Dedicated GSM

Patented And Encrypted GSM. Welcome To Peace Of Min
In any panic situation, whether you need the Police, an Ambulance, or a Fire Truck, your Dedicated GSM will instantly transmit all vital emergency information to the command centre. The command centre will dispatch local authorities using direct lines & phone numbers. No being put on hold, no busy signal, and nobody drilling you for information! Customers are protected and connected, welcome to peace of mind!

Dedicated GSM

Keep your home or business connected, protected and one step ahead with Alarm.com. Our technology connects your security, locks, lights, video cameras and more into a single system that protects you from crime, fire, carbon monoxide and even water damage.

Our Smarter Home Security
Features Include